Thursday, July 3, 2014

Astellas Pro Cycling at Tour of America's Dairyland

From June 19 through June 29, Astellas Cycling Team had a team of six riders racing their Litespeed bikes in the 11 stages of the Tour of America's Dairyland (TOAD). This was an exciting tour to follow, as Astellas rider Justin Williams was able to score to stage wins, and there were many top-10 finishes for all of the Astellas riders. By the end of the TOAD, Brandon Feehery was sitting in 3rd overall and Justin Williams in 8th. Not a bad showing! 

Stage 1: Shorewood Criterium Cycling Classic

The first stage of TOAD, Justin Williams took 5th in the field.

Stage 2: East Troy Cycling Classic

On the second stage of TOAD, Brandon Feehery took 4th and Stephen Hyde took 6th in the field.

Stage 3: Giro d'Grafton

Brandon Feehery took 7th in the field and Max Korus took 12th in the third stage.

Stage 4: Waukesha Carl Zach Cycling Classic

Brandon Feehery was able to hit 7th in the field two days in row, this time in the fifth stage.

Stage 5: Beloit Bike Classic

The fifth stage was Justin Williams first win of TOAD, complemented by Brandon Feehery's 8th place finish.

Stage 6: Schlitz Park Criterium

The sixth stage of TOAD saw Brandon Feehery in 12th and Hogan Sills in 25th in the field.

Stage 7: Elkhart Road Race at Road America

Clay Murfet managed to place 24th in the field on the 7th stage of TOAD.

Stage 8: Oshkosh Criterium de Titan

There was no stopping Justin Williams as he sprinted to yet another stage victory. 

Stage 9: Fond Du Lac Commonwealth Classic

Justin Williams kept his momentum, taking 2nd on this next stage, with Brandon Feehery right behind in 3rd.

Stage 10: ISCorp Downer Classic

After the past two days, could Astellas keep their streak alive? Simply put, yes! Brandon Feehery took 5th in the field, while Justin Williams (who placed 18th for the day) was able to take home a $5500 field prime. Clay Murfet took 24th in the field.

Stage 11: East Tosa Gran Prix

On the final day of TOAD, Brandon Feehery was able to go top-10 one more time, placing 8th in the field. Hogan Sills also took 13th in the field.