Friday, July 23, 2010

Bicycling Magazine's Video Review of Archon C3

When Bicycling Magazine reviewed the Litespeed Archon C3 for their July 2010 issue, they also created a video review. The link below is of that review in which Editor Loren Mooney tells viewers what makes the C3 a great bike and a great value.

Thanks Bicycling!

C3 Rider Aims for 24 Hour and 1000 Km Records

The weekend of July 31- August 1, Seattle resident Chris Ragsdale will attempt to break the world road cycling records for 24 hours and 1000 km on a 2010 Litespeed Archon C3 in partnership with Sammamish Valley Cycles. The attempt will be sanctioned by the Ultramarathon Cycling Association and will be on a 10.8-mile clockwise circuit on rural roads near La Conner, WA, about 90 miles north of Seattle.

The current 24-hour record of 540.313 miles (an average speed of 22.51 mph) is held by Italian Orlando Borini, which he set on 23 June 2007. There is currently no 1000km record for road cycling, but Chris aims to better the two other existing 1000km records and set the record for an overall fastest 1000 km. Rod Evans holds the indoor track 1000km record at 29:12, and Bryce Walsh holds the outdoor track record at 33:01.

Chris’ equipment quiver will include a Litespeed C3, Syntace clip-on areo bars, and a Giro aero helmet. Wheels will include a Zipp disc, Zipp 1080, and 404's.

Since 2007, Chris has amassed a strong ultra race resume that has led him to believe he is mentally and physically ready to break these records. His accomplishments and goals are particularly remarkable because in the summer of 2004, he experienced a life-threatening accident on a bike ride.

Despite his serious condition, Chris was motivated to regain his health and spent July of that year spinning on a trainer wearing a halo as he watched the Tour de France.

Wow! Good luck, Chris! To follow the efforts of Chris next weekend, be sure to check his website at

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Litespeed Archon C1 Like You Haven't Seen it Before...

Alpcross, the Spanish distributor for Litespeed has a whole new take on the Archon C1. Built up as a fixed gear bike with custom graphics, this C1 will turn some heads. Style points for sure!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Litespeed Carbon Road Show: Your Questions are Answered

Does the bike come w/ a triple option? I have bad knees so depend upon the granny gear on tough climbs.
A.C. from the Bonzai Sports stop in Washington DC

Great question. The Litespeed Archon C3, as well as the other members of the C-series line up, will take triple chain ring gearing, though it will need to be bought separately. Bonzai Sports will undoubtedly be able to assist you.

B.F. test rode a bike at Bonzai and said, "...though i didn't get to ride it for long, some aero benefits are def. noticeable."

The aero benefits are definitely noticeable in the Archon C-series: the shrouded water bottle mount, rear wheel cut out, subtle trailing edges like airplane wings, and more. It all works together to improve frame aerodynamics and make riders go fast!

Thanks to all the test riders who have come out to say hello and ride the C3. Only a couple more weeks to check out the Litespeed Carbon Road Show! For remaining events, please see:

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Litespeed Carbon Road Show Heads to R&A Cycles in Brooklyn

The Litespeed Carbon Road Show will be at R&A Cycles in Brooklyn on Friday, 7/16 from 11-4 and Saturday, 7/17 from 10-4. A fleet of Litespeed Archon C3s will be available for test ride. Bring your pedals and your helmet. Might as well bring your wallet since you are gonna want one of these bikes...Litespeed reps Mac and Cory will be available to answer all questions and get your ready to roll.

For more information, call R&A Cycles at (718) 636-5242

To see if the Litespeed Carbon Road Show is coming to a town near you, check out the website at:

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Litespeed Carbon Road Show Heads to Boston

The Litespeed Carbon Road Show heads to the Boston-area to show off the fleet 2010 Litespeed Archon C3 demo bikes. The first stop will be Wednesday-Thursday, July 7-8 at ATA Cycles' Concord store from 1-7 pm on Wednesday and all day Thursday from 10-7 pm.

The second stop in the Boston-area will be at Quad Cycles on Friday-Saturday July 9-10 from 12-7 pm on Friday and 8:30 a.m. to close on Saturday.

Already a hit in Washington DC and Atlanta, the Litespeed Carbon Road Show will be rolling to a Litespeed dealer near you. Stops in July are planned for Minneapolis, Indianapolis, Madison, WI and the state of New York.

For more information, please see the official Litespeed Carbon Road Show website at

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Glory Cycles Applauds the Litespeed Archon C3

Glory Cycles in Greenville, SC is not a Litespeed dealer (yet...). Glory Cycles is not a magazine in which Litespeed pays to advertise. So, after Glory Cycles' owner Clive de Sousa spent five weeks putting the Litespeed Archon C3 through its paces, the result is a true, unbiased look at the bike.

For Glory Cycles' full review of the C3, blog readers will have to go to:

For a "teaser", read the excerpt from the review below:

Litespeed Archon C Review
Litespeed Archon C3 Carbon Review by Clive de Sousa.

...The Archon C3 is visibly aero but exactly what that translates to in speed cannot be measured on a test ride. I can say it's faster than a traditional bike. Riding the Archon C in a few races I was aware how the bike held a straight line in the gutter and felt fast. Similar to the way good deep carbon wheels feel. The Archon C has a shrouded water bottle design, bow legged fork that "cleans" air turbulence from the front wheel, an aero seat mast and the rear wheel tucked behind the down tube. The aero advantage the Archon C offers is greater than the sum of it's parts and noticeable to the rider...

...If Litespeed's focus was designing an better carbon frame they achieved it. 5 weeks of riding the C3 and I am very impressed with its overall ride quality and blown away by it's speed...

Thanks, Glory Cycles, for reviewing the Archon C3.