Thursday, December 1, 2011

Litespeed Submits All-New Road Frame for New UCI Certification Process

Litespeed Submits All-New Road Frame for New UCI Certification Process

In compliance with new regulations for the International Cycling Union, or UCI, Litespeed has submitted an all-new road frame for the certification process. In an attempt to clarify previously unclear UCI equipment guidelines, certification or pre-approval for all equipment to be used during UCI competition will be required, beginning with 2011 race equipment. UCI-approved equipment will be designated by asticker on the equipment.

Due for release in 2012, the new Litespeed road model, name and full details still undisclosed, will launch the brand's foray into the uber-light carbon road bike arena. Litespeed sources say the bike is aimed to be a perfect race bike, low in weight but high in stiffness. The bike will be available in two complete builds or as a frameset.

Litespeed's first step into the carbon world in 2010 was met with applause as consumers and media alike recognized the knowledge and skill with which its designers used to craft the Archon C-series. The accolades continue in 2011 as Velo News just named the 2011 Litespeed Archon C1R the Editors' Pick for the Aero Road category in the 2011 Buyer's Guide. The praise for the C-series, Litespeed's unique, wind-tunnel proven, aero carbon road line has pacified those claiming Litespeed could only make great titanium bikes.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Litespeed Fan Letter :)

Instead of another blog about our bikes, our frames, or technology we wanted to take an opportunity to celebrate the biggest asset to Litespeed...YOU. We love our customers. We love biking. It really warms our hearts when we get letters like the one below. Thank you to everyone who supports Litespeed and shares our passion for our bikes. I want to thank Litespeed for building the best bike in the industry. I raced for years and have ridden countless miles averaging somewhere around 7500 miles a year. I've replaced my Dura Ace kits several times, but the frame is still in great condition. In my 10 years of racing and many more years of riding, my frame has never let me down.

Three years ago I was stricken with a condition called malignant hypertension. It’s like having high blood pressure on steroids. It led to kidney issues and just a few months ago a heart attack. After having the blockage repaired and some rest and recovery I am now 3 weeks into my cardiac rehab on my trusty Litespeed Ultimate. Your bike kept me on the road for all those years and my cardiologist believes my previous fitness level is the reason I’m still alive.

My machine is not the weekend warrior machine of the past. It is now the cardiac rehabilitation machine. Thank you for putting out a product that can take the abuse of miles of hard road riding and now give me the ability to recover for my family. God bless and thank you.


Sylacauga, Alabama

Pain Junkies: RAW (Race Across the WEST)

Don Oliveria and his biking partner, David Huckobey, are planning on racing the RAW (Race Across the WEST) next summer. Start time is June 13, 2012.

RAW is one of the most challenging bicycle races in the United States. Unlike other well-known road races, like the Tour de France, RAW is not a stage race. RAW is a single stage. Once the clock starts in Oceanside, California it doesn't stop until the racer reaches the finish line in Durango, Colorado. RAW is the second longest endurance cycling race in the United States. The race is essentially a time trial - a race against the clock, sometimes referred to as the race of truth. The route is about 860 miles, passing through 4 states and climbing over 40,000 feet.

Don and David are raising money for the Wounded Warriors Semper Fi Fund. They are both active Marines. Don is training overseas on a Quintana Roo CD0.1 and a Litespeed C3.

"Our goal is $10,000! Very ambitious we know, but through the power of networking and mass communication we hope to achieve our goal for our Wounded Warriors through the Semper Fi Fund. The Fund is a non profit organization that helps America's true heroes recovering from catastrophic injury. 100% of the donations go to help injured Marines.
We respectfully request two simple things:

First, you pledge to donate to the Semper Fi Fund!The easiest way to contribute is to go to our campaign page
and donate securely online.

Second, you pledge to tell five people about our fundraising campaign and ask them to do the same.Via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Blogger, etc.

Team Semper Fi (TSF) was established in 2006 by the Semper Fi Fund as an extension of the assistance that the Fund provides to those who are injured in combat and training. The idea for Team Semper Fi was inspired by those wounded Marines and Sailors who refused to let their challenges prevent them from competing in athletic events, and whose drive and determination was inspirational to us all"

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Cohutta 29er is Across the Pond!

With the wagon-wheeled world of 29ers looking set to take the UK mtb market by force in 2012 you’re likely to see most manufacturers frantically trying to jump on the bandwagon. North America has pretty much accepted the advantages the larger wheel size straight from the inception and with sales of 29er bikes now far outweighing those of conventional 26” wheeled bikes in the States the ‘switch’ looks to have been firmly made and set. Without doubt 29ers are here to stay and 2012 looks to be the breakthrough year for them here in the UK.

Tennessee based Titanium pioneers, Litespeed aren’t new the world of 29ers, and were in fact pioneers and early adopters of the new standard, having released the much acclaimed Obed hardtail in a 29er version way back in 2007. It was time when 29er’s were still very much considered a niche, flash-in-the-pan fad, let alone a 29er made from Titanium!

With knowledge and understanding of 29” wheel applications having moved on significantly since those early days Litespeed deemed it necessary to go back to the drawing board…

Litespeed are proud to present the brand new 2012 Cohutta 29er frameset. A highly adaptable and versatile 29er platform that’ll happily tackle both trail and XC race duties depending on the spec and flavour of the build.

Litespeed Titanium models are always given a Native American name as a nod to the heritage of the area in which they’re based (Chatanooga, Tennessee). The Cohutta, rather fittingly, shares its name with a grueling 100-mile endurance mtb race ( and also a picturesque forest that spans nearby Georgia and Tennessee.

Stars’n’stripes – Litespeed Titanium frames always have and always will be handcrafted in their factory in Chatanooga, Tennessee.

The usual immaculate welds and attention to detail we’ve come to love and expect from Litespeed are ever present on the Cohutta.

The Pressfit 30 BB allows for either oversize 30mm crankarm axles, standard 24mm diameter (via the used of aftermarket adaptors) or even an aftermarket eccentric BB (to fit the 46mm ID) for single speed duties. The Press Fit 30 system is similar to the concept that Shimano is using – a nylon sleeve/cup holds the bearings and thus does away with the fiddly snap rings of the BB30 system. It gives you a nice big BB shell area for which to attach larger chainstays, downtube and seattube, no counter miters and lastly does not require a tolerance that is +/- .001" as the bearings don’t sit directly in the BB shell of the frame. Neat!

The heatube on the Cohutta is oversize too, but like the BB it’s not for looks and the reasons for speccing it are 100% functional. The headtube measures 1.5"/49mm ID which ultimately makes the Cohutta one extremely versatile bike (suitable for either 80/100/120mm forks); allowing for fine tuning of the headtube angle (if used with the recommended Cane Creek AngleSet ZS49/EC49), accommodation any steerer tube standard (1.5", traditional 1 1/8" or 1.5" - 1 1/8" tapered) and adjustment of stack height (whether you choose to run an internal/external bearings/headset cups).

In addition to increasing torsional stiffness of the entire front triangle, the 49mm ID headtube allows for total freedom with reagrds to headset and fork selection. The above chart should help with selection and setup for the intended use.

Such are demands on a 29er frameset so different from that of the smaller wheeled 26” cousin, the Litespeed engineers have pulled out all the stops and specced exclusive, specially selected and sized 29er-specific tubing for the Cohutta (TT, DT & HT) milled by Litespeed in Tennessee to give optimum ride and performance characteristics.

The mech hange is a non-replaceable but judging by the thickness of the dropouts we don’t think it’s going to be an issue!

With x4 sizes available there should be a Cohutta for everyone – big or small (above geometry chart based on sagged bike w/ 100mm fork).

Headtube Size: 1.5” internally butted (49.6mm internal diameter)
Seatpost Size: 31.6mm
Seatclamp Size: 34.9mm
Dropout: standard 9mm QR (non-replaceable mech hanger)
Front Derailleur Clamp: 34.9mm (top routed)
BB Size: Pressfit 30 (PF30) 73mm x 46mm internal diameter
Suitable Fork Size: 80mm / 100mm / 120mm

Frame Weights:
– 2018 gr / 4.4 lbs
M – 2088 / 4.6lbs
L – 2160 / 4.7lbs
XL – 2182 / 4.8lbs

We’ll be building up a demo bike as soon as we’ve rounded up all the parts so keep your eyes peeled for reviews from the usual suspects over the coming months! To view/buy the Cohutta on the Evans website please click here.

For more images and details please visit the Litespeed website here.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Cohutta is Under Review...

Interbike 2011: 29ers Worth Riding

With so many manufacturers offering 29er hardtail mountain bikes, it can be difficult to pick one that is right for you. Just as demo days that many companies host around the country for the public, the Interbike OutDoor Demo, that occurs each year before the Interbike tradeshow, allows individuals involved in the bike industry to test the newest and latest rides on the market. Not all manufactures are present, but most of the major players are there alongside the little guys offering a fleet of bikes to ride on the trails of Bootleg Canyon outside of Boulder City, Nevada. Having had a chance to test numerous bikes, 29er hardtails were this writer’s choice to put trough the loops of loose, dry and rocky trails of Bootleg Canyon. Before you lay down your hard earned cash on a hardtail 29er, give any of these bikes a spin.

Favorite Aluminum 29er HT: BMC Team Elite 29 XO (TE29)
Why: This bike rolled smooth and fast through the trails, yet the aluminum frame did not provide a harsh ride that is commonly found on other bikes made of the same material. The geometry, along with the relatively light weight of the bike, produced a ride that seem to glide over the small jumps through the rocks with ease. This quick geometry did not produce a bike that was unstable on the descents – not once on any of the short, steep drops did the TE29 feel unstable.

Product highlights: Triple butted frame with tapered head tube, some Sram XO parts and Fox F29 fork
MSRP: approx. $3600

Favorite Carbon Fiber 29er HT: Felt Nine Series (carbon)
Why: Just as the BMC had their geometry dialed, so does Felt with their carbon fiber 29er frames. Most modern carbon fiber frames look similar with the smooth lines and light weight, but just as the old saying goes with regards to a book and its cover, the same can be said with regards to carbon fiber. Having ridden a few other carbon fiber bikes earlier in the day and not being impressed, the same was to be expected from the Felt Nine, but that was not the case. After the first few turns in the trail, it was obvious that this bike was different. The bike felt lively and very accurate in the turns, but was not too flexible, just soft enough to absorb some of the bumps on the trail. Just as was true with the BMC, the geometry of the Felt was not so steep and quick to make it feel unstable on the short, steep descents.

Product highlights: Carbon fiber, lightness teamed with quick geometry
MSRP: $2399 (frame); $2799-$5999 (complete)

Favorite Titanium 29er HT: Litespeed Cohutta
Why: Litespeed has designed the 2012 Cohutta around a 29er specific tube set which features a BB30 bottom bracket, 49mm head tube, oversized tubes and a curved down tube to clear the adjusting knobs on suspension forks. The frame has been designed to be more compact to help minimize the flex that can often occur with titanium. With some materials might translate to a harsher ride – this is not the case with the Cohutta. This bike is nimble through the turns, yet does not feel like a noodle when the pedals are hammered. The quick descents were not an issue with the geometry and the steep climbs were no match for the Cohutta as no noticeable power was lost from the pedals to the wheels. If the Cohutta did feel to quick or sluggish, the 49mm headtube allows the fork angle to be adjusted to customize to ride to your liking.

Product highlights: BB30 and angle adjustable 49mm headtube
MSRP: tbd, but is being sold as ‘frame only’

Best of the Bunch: The 2012 Litespeed Cohutta
Why: Of all of the hardtail 29ers that I have thrown a leg over, which includes a list much longer that this, the Litespeed got it right with the 2012 Cohutta. The tube set being 29er specific is truly dialed and make a frame that is a treat to ride – I was a bit sad to have to turn the bike back over to Litespeed.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Spin for Kids 2011

Team Litespeed members are raising money for a wonderful cause this month. On October 23rd the 6th annual Spin for Kids will be held at Camp Twin Lakes- Rutledge, located 50 miles east of Atlanta.

Camp Twin Lakes is a network of camps providing life-changing camp experiences to thousands of children with serious illnesses, disabilities and life challenges. They collaborate with over 50 different non-profit community partner organizations to create customized programs that teach the campers to overcome obstacles and grow in their confidence and capabilities.

The routes will take riders through rural Northeast Georgia and the historic towns of Madison and Rutledge. Five courses will allow riders of various skill levels, from the occasional rider to the experienced cyclist, to participate in this exciting event. This year, we will feature 5, 27, 47, 62, and 100-mile rides. All routes are fully supported with premium rest stops, SAG wagons, and motorcycle escorts.

If you would like to donate to this worthy cause, please click here:

More information can be found at:

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Pro Triathlete Charisa Wernick's Archon C3

Litespeed FUN!

Because one can never have too many bicycles, I somehow managed to acquire another new toy...

My new Litespeed Archon C3 - ready to roll...

And since early-morning-self-portraits-while-riding are fun, I figured I would share them.

Profile Design makes some really awesome drop bars.

The bike climbs well.

And takes me to places like this...

Enjoy the ride!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Litespeed C1R in 3D Series: Field Notes with Bryce Walsh

One Man, One Bike

Ultracyclist Bryce Walsh recently went from training and racing with two bikes—an Independent Fabrication XS and a Cervelo P3C—based on the terrain and type of race to exclusively using a new Litespeed Archon C1R. The transition has made him quite content so far. “Litespeed has been so good for this season,” Bryce says. “The Litespeed gives me aerodynamics, but I don’t feel like I’m bouncing around and getting beat up as bad. I’m getting the best of both worlds.”

While training and endurance racing on the Race Across AMerica (RAAM) circuit, Bryce racked up more than 70,000 miles on his IF—more miles than many people ever put on their cars. Before he began, he knew his neck muscles would log all of those miles, as well.

The IF allowed him to not only get the perfect fit, but to also gain a more upright riding position that would place less stress on his neck. “I figured if I’m going to spend that much time on a bike training and racing,” Bryce says, “it better be a healthy bike.”

Ultimately, Bryce said he was trying to avoid the dreaded “Shermer’s Neck.” The condition occurs when a cyclist’s neck muscles give out anywhere from 300 to 1,000 miles into a race, and he or she must use a crude device to hold it up. The painful ailment is named for Michael Shermer, an Ultra Cycling Hall of Famer who succumbed to the agony during the first Race Across AMerica in 1982.

Michael co-created the race—first called The Great American Bike Race—and unwittingly had the medical condition named after him when his neck gave out 500 miles from the finish. “I’ve seen guys use everything from PVC piping to duct tape to hold their necks up,” says Bryce. (For our viewing pleasure or viewing pain, rather, Bryce provided this picture of racer Alberto Blanco in this year’s RAAM with a case of Shermer’s Neck

Bryce bought his Cervelo P3C specifically for the Ed Rudolph Velodrome in which he was attempting to set the 1000K Outdoor Unpaced Track Record with the UltraMarathon Cycling Association (UMAC). He set the record at 33:01:03:99 in August 2008. “I bought the bike so I could be as aerodynamic as possible,” he says. He then ended up using the bike for additional 24-hour races that were flat, but he says he was definitely less comfortable than when he was on the IF.

The Litespeed Archon C1R, however, offers the right combo of comfort and aerodynamics thanks to the bike’s unique AeroLogic technology. AeroLogic is Litespeed’s incorporation of aerodynamic elements into frame design without the penalty of excess weight. We’ll talk more about the C1R’s AeroLogic aspects in an upcoming installment of Bryce’s C1R in 3D Field Notes with a bonus interview from Litespeed’s Brad DeVaney.

We’ll also discuss with Bryce what components he has on his Litespeed Archon C1R and why and catch up with him on a training ride in Wisconsin, where he’s been working on his climbing in preparation for Race Across Oregon, which takes place in late July. “This summer I’ll really be putting the Litespeed to the test,” Bryce says. Bryce also recently qualified for the Paris-Brest-Paris, in August. Congratulations, Bryce!

Check back often for Bryce’s C1R in 3D Field Notes. We’ll be posting videos from his Oregon and P-B-P race, as well as his training adventures. Plus, we’ll include more info on bike design, comfort, performance, nutrition and more. Pedal on! Learn more at

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Litespeed-BMW Cycling Team has High Aspirations for 2011

Litespeed-BMW Cycling Team has High Aspirations for 2011

2011 promises to be a big year for the Litespeed-BMW Cycling team, an elite amateur road team based out of Atlanta. Pre-season preparations have included acquiring new, high-level sponsors and a premier rider, as well as set up on new Archon C1R bikes from Litespeed. These preparations will be critical in achieving the team’s goals for success on the national stage in 2011.

The Litespeed-BMW elite team is composed of 18 Category 1 and 2 racers and will be riding the all-new, 2011 Litespeed Archon C1R. The bike was recently named Editor’s Pick in the 2011 Velo News Buyer’s Guide. The C1R is the flagship model for the aero carbon line introduced in 2010 and is available only as a frameset featuring premier T60 carbon, integrated seat mast, and stealth, matte paint scheme.

Leading up to the cycling season, which officially starts March 1st, riders are preparing in a number of ways. Some riders are racing-and winning-Cross races such as second year rider Doug Ollerenshaw. Additionally, most are participating in team base training in the North Georgia Mountains and in Winter Bike League rides in Athens, GA through out the winter and early spring.

Related to sponsorship, BMW is back for a second year, and Georgia Natural Gas joins as a main sponsor for 2011. Guinness is back on board at a higher level of support than previously, thanks to team’s success during almost 10 years in existence.

New rider Tim Henry, Category 1, will bring speed and experience to the LS-BMW team. Previously riding for strong domestic teams such as Jittery Joes and Team Type 1, Tim is a talented all-arounder with a snappy finishing sprint.

With new sponsors, athletes, and bikes, the Litespeed-BMW Cycling team has set lofty goals for 2011. Major goals include podium finishes at the 2011 USA Cycling Elite Nationals in Augusta, GA and Masters Nationals in Bend, OR. Look for the Litespeed-BMW Cycling team at southeastern National Racing Calendar (NRC) events such as the Athens Twilight and the U.S. 100K and at the cycling series in Tennessee and Georgia.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Cycling Weekly Features the 2011 Archon C1R

The UK's Cycling Weekly featured the 2011 Litespeed Archon C1R in their May 19th issue. As the flagship model in Litespeed's Archon C-series, Cycling News praised the C1R for its improvements over the 2010 Archon C1 and its real world aerodynamic workings which are wind tunnel-proven.

Not the first time the Archon C1R has turned heads at Cycling Weekly, click here to see more photos.

UK cyclists should head to Evans Cycles to see the 2011 Archon C1R for themselves. In the US and everywhere else, find your local Litespeed dealer here.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Litespeed C1R in 3D Series: Field Notes with Bryce Walsh

Ultra cyclist Bryce Walsh just won the Calvin’s Challenge, a 12-hour race held each spring in Springfield, Ohio. Bryce—who is also a coach for Vision Quest in Chicago—trains and races exclusively on the new Litespeed Archon C1R. We caught up with Bryce after his win to see how the bike performed on the reportedly windy ride.

Litespeed: While the Calvin’s Challenge certainly isn’t the longest race you’ve completed, it’s been somewhat of a challenge for you. What has been the issue in previous years and what led you to victory this spring?

Bryce: I always do terrible at this race so that made it tense. In previous years I’ve either gotten a flat right away or have stopped to take a bathroom break at the wrong time. Also, the race is fairly flat; there are barely any climbs and that tends to favor the bigger guys who can just kind of power through it. But the C1R was great. I averaged about 21 mph for 12 hours in really harsh wind.

Litespeed: You’ve recently converted from two bikes—an Independent Fabrication built for comfort and a Cervelo P2 used for time trials and flat races—to using just one, the Litespeed C1R. How has your training and racing changed now that you exclusively use the C1R?

Bryce: This thing [the C1R] has been really comfortable, but it is also just as aero [as the Cervelo]. It feels like I’m not getting beat up as bad as I did on the Cervelo. I am pretty excited about my experience with the C1R so far and [as well as] at the Calvin’s Challenge and am looking forward to checking out how it will work on future flat races.

Litespeed: Bryce, you seem to have gotten into ultra cycling almost by accident. What’s the pull for you?

Bryce: I did start the whole thing backwards. I used to be a tourist. I’d pack up my bike, visit a country and ride across it. Then a friend mentioned brevets. From there I started getting a little faster, and I learned there were all of these really long races. I’ve always been an endurance athlete. Even as a runner, I’ve always preferred the longest race I could find. At the end of each year, I set a goal and if I hit that goal it triggers another thing that I’ll let myself do. It’s taken me all over the world!

Litespeed: So what has been your favorite race and destination so far?

Bryce: The Race Across Switzerland took me across something like 12 of the highest passes in Austria, Switzerland and Italy. That was really cool.

Litespeed: Where are you heading this year?

Bryce: I’ve got a 24-hour race in Michigan in June. And my goal race this year is the Race Across Oregon, which is about 530 miles. Then it’s the PBP [Paris-Brest-Paris], which is 750 miles, and the LOTOJA in Wyoming at about 207 miles, which in reality is a short race for me.

Litespeed: So this all begs the question: What are your goals for next year?

Bryce: I’d like to do the Tour d’Afrique. It begins in Cairo and ends in Cape Town and it’s spread out over four months. Then when I get back I’d have less than a month before the Ride the Divide [The Great Divide Mountain Bike Race]. The record is 17 days and 23 hours, but I have no idea how long it will take me. That will be a new adventure for me. I’ll have to carry everything I need. Nobody is going to be there to hand me a water bottle. I’ve also got the ultimate goal to go back to RAM [Race Across America], but I am not going to do it until I can do 500 miles in 24 hours. I’m inching my way up. My best one so far is 479.

Litespeed: Well Bryce, we’re confident your determination and hard work will get you there, and we’re all excited to watch you attack these races this season and the exciting ones on your docket for 2012. Thanks for taking time out of your training schedule to catch up with us.

Bryce: You’re welcome. I’ll keep you posted as to how things are going by sending frequent Field Note reports. It’s going to be a wild summer, but I’m excited to really see what the C1R can do!

Check back often for Bryce’s C1R in 3D Field Notes from his races around the country and across the globe. We’ll also be posting additional items for the C1R in 3D Series w/Bryce Walsh including video interviews with Bryce on training, bike design, race destinations, performance, comfort, nutrition, and the C1R’s unparalleled Aerologic technology. Happy riding! Learn more at

Monday, May 9, 2011

Trisports University Features the Litespeed Archon C3

Trisports University is a new, educational, editorial effort by to inform athletes about the products available in the marketplace. One of the first bikes reviewed is the 2010 Litespeed Archon C3. Readers will enjoy a finely dissected look at each feature of the Archon C3 frame, commentary on the rest of the Archon C-series (C1 and C2), and an education on carbon fiber.

Be sure to check out the full article titled The Old Dog’s New Trick by Tom Demerly at:

Enjoy the excerpt from the review below about the Archon C3 features, from tapered steerer front for stiffness to the cobble-comfort, ride-tuned rear. It is apparent that no detail was overlooked in the crafting of this bike. From The Old Dog’s New Trick:

The rear triangle on the Litespeed Archon C contributes significantly to the racy performance under acceleration and pave’-taming ride quality. The unique asymmetrical chainstays on the Archon C’s improve sprint and acceleration by moving material to the areas that need it most during a sprint or attack. The right (drive side) chainstay is significantly deeper at 51mm deep where it leaves the bottom bracket. On the rider’s left (non-drive side) the chainstay is only 36mm deep, providing lighter weight and less material where it is not needed. It also provides compliant ride quality. It’s a difference you can feel and, combined with a unique fork design, makes for a platform that is particularly responsive to hard pedal input. This is an attacker’s bike with adequate comfort to stay with the breakaway.

For more information about the Archon C3, please visit the Litespeed website at

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Litespeed-BMW on the Podium-Roswell Recap, 2/3 Race

Enjoy the race report from the Historic Roswell Criterium category 2/3 race. Loaded with racers and super-competitive, congratulations to Litespeed-BMW racer Benjy Coil for earning third place.

125 riders stood on the start line of a fasts, tight cornered course, and this being one of the largest races in the southeast, as well as one of the USA Crits Superweek races, it all seemed to add up to some palpable pre-race jitters.

Since the race is on the national calendar, there were many guys up from Florida, who are always notoriously strong in the Spring, yet not as accustomed to the rolling hills as we are, as well as everyone and anyone from all over the Southeast. Point being, the field was packed and ready.

From our team, Nick, Calvin and Benjy started the race. Most of the other guys opted to enter the Pro/1 race later in the evening. The 2/3 event, as always, was fast right from the start. Throughout the race there were small groups of 2 or 3 that kept shooting up the road only to be quickly caught. The most active were clearly the 3 Hincapie Development riders who constantly attacked and were always in the each of the good moves. Benjy was able to ride steady near the front of the pack, but really was not feeling very strong, kind of an off day. Also, there were numerous crashes and sketchy moments. With around 8 laps to go, three riders were looking smooth together and getting further up the road. No one in the front really wanted to give a big effort to chase. Benjy felt as if he only had one all out effort in the tank, thus he chose to wait for the field sprint. Maybe the group of 3 would be caught by then?

As the gap slowly came to a close, on the final lap, we caught a rider who had just been dropped from the break. Benjy came into the final turn, a bit too forward in second position, and could see the two riders ahead. Inexplicably, the guy ahead of in first position started to soft pedal and swivel his head around (that’s called “blowing up”)! At this point, Benjy’s hand had been dealt. He had to go around then and was able to hold a long sprint to take the field sprint for 3rd place. One on the Hincapie kids won finishing 5 seconds ahead of the field.

On the podium and takes the field sprint. Great work Benjy and great support from the guys!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Litespeed-BMW Cycling Recap: Perry/Union Cty/Brooks – Benjy Gets Ornery

With big-time racing on the calendar this weekend (Athens Twilight and Roswell Criterium), here is an update on some of the racing from Litespeed-BMW Cycling earlier in the season.

From the Litespeed-BMW blog:

Whoa, has Benjy been going after it out there. The guy has obviously been too busy racing to get any updates out, so let’s knock all of these out at once. We’ve got a whole bunch of races in here, with a whole bunch of our guys…and a whole bunch of great results! Read on!

Perry Circuit race

The line up at the Pro 1,2 race was Benjy, Hank, Wes, Matt and Artur. Artur had done well earlier in the morning time trial and had committed himself to race for a strong overa ll finish in the omnium overall classification. There was representation in the field from Team Type 1, Locos Deli Iron Data and a large group of the region’s strong teams. The race played out with steady attacks off the front, all of which were quickly caught. Artur, Wes and Matt were busy at the front attacking and chasing moves while Hank and Benjy cruised in the field. With about 5 laps to go Matt flies off the front and was out on his own for about 3 laps. About the time Matt is caught by the group, everyone was trying to get position at the front. Benjy was being led toward the front by a hard effort from Hank. With Hank’s help, Benjy hit the final corner in good position and sprinted to a third place podium finish with Artur just back in 10th place.

Perry “Roubaix” Road Race

Benjy and Artur against about the same crew from the previous day’s circuit race. The Perry Robaix is really fun due to the good roads and a long section of dirt road at the latter part of the race loop. The race began with a group of six rolling slyly away before anybody was really paying attention. Turns out that the escape group contained guys from many of the strongest teams in the race…oops. Before long the group was almost five minutes ahead of the peleton. Since Artur was trying to place well in the omnium and he was racing for better than a seventh place finish, we decided the best thing to do was to work together with the other guys who wanted to chase down and catch the break. At this point I was racing for Artur and slowly cooked myself in the chase effort for a couple of loops while Artur was able to conserve energy for later in the race. Hard attacks eventually took a toll and and riders were shed off the back…including me. Artur was able to respond and remained in the group that eventually caught the six man break and then attacked each other for the rest of the race. Artur, alone now amongst the likes of Team Type 1, Locos, Iron Data, and several other strong teams, had to respond to many strong attacks. Artur escaped up the road for a while and was eventually caught. Artur battled to the end with the strong men of the race and ended up with 5th overall for the omniuim. Well done!

Union City Circuit Race

Another good day of racing with most everyone on the team lining up. We were all happy to see Oneil Samuels racing with us, fresh in from Jamaica. Tim Henry quickly established himself as one of the more aggressive riders in the race. Everyone else joined the game eventually. Attacking was constant during the race but nothing ever really stuck and it was looking like a field sprint for the line. Hank put forth a huge effort to try and get away with a small group with five laps to go, but was ultimately reeled in. With two laps to go we fought for position up front with Tim keeping us all together. Just before the last turn of the final lap Benjy sneaks into a good forward position and was able to sprint for a 7th place finish.

Brooks Road Race

Chris Chotas and Benjy Coil raced the 4 lap, 68 mile road race on a fantastic cool sunny spring morning. The Brooks course is a scenic loop through long flats and gentle hills. There were lots of strong riders in the race, most of whom had several team mates. The first lap was a typical display of constant attacking. I was able to get into a 4 man break for most of the second lap. If the three of us were as strong as the young BMC development rider in our escape group we would have been gone for the day, but we were caught. After catching us the counterattacks began and led to another break of four riders. This time Chris Chotas was up the road and I sat back to recover a bit. Chris and most of his escapees worked together like stallions for about 35 miles. The peleton caught Chris’ group with about 10 miles to go in the race. Attacks began again and I gambled and rode away from the front with one other rider. Somewhat predictably, we were caught and I had spent most of the little energy I had left. I ended up 9th place in the field sprint and Chris cruised in with the group after a strong display of strength. Better luck next time!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Litespeed-BMW Readies for 2011 Speed Week

Hold your breath...2011 Speed Week is here. Part of the USA Crits Series, Speed Week starts on Saturday with Athens Twilight and continues with seven days of big-time racing in the Southeast. Litespeed-BMW Cycling team is ready and will have a big presence in both Athens Twilight and Sunday's Roswell Criterium.

The Terrapin Twilight criterium, better known as Athens Twilight, kicks off Speed Week. While this festive weekend is known for its music, food, and fun, there will be plenty of action on the crit course. Another nightime crit like Sunny King, look for Litespeed-BMW member Oneil Samuels to rip in the premier Pro,1 race.

The race action stays hot as the riders head to Historic Roswell for a day of crit racing. Litespeed-BMW will be lining up in several of the races including the Category 2/3 and the premier Pro/1.

Good luck, Team!

For an idea of the breath-taking speeds and technical nature of Saturday's course in Athens, check out this video from last year's race.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Racing Heats Up for Litespeed-BMW Cycling Team

The 2011 road racing season is in full-swing. The Litespeed-BMW Cycling Team already has some solid wins and strong finishes on the team resume. In mid March, the team raced at the 13th edition of the Rouge Roubaix (sponsored by Litespeed dealer, Precision Bikes) and in early April, a regional race in Rome, GA.

Team member Tim Henry finished lucky 13th at Rouge Roubaix in a stacked field that included such notables as Cesar Grajales and Michael Olheiser. In what can only be described as "epic", the race is 105 miles (for all classes of racers!) that includes slow, dirt sections and steep, gravel climbs. With the winner finishing in over 4 hours and 30 minutes, you can bet there was some real suffering out there.

You can read the race report here, but for a taste of the fun, check out the excerpt from Tim below...

...The first dirt section was 8 miles long and relatively flat. No big deal until we come around a curve and there is a lumber truck parked across the road, leaving only one lane for riders to pass. This broke the field up quickly and I had to chase hard to get back to the front group of 15. I think I was the last to make it on at this point. Our tempo increased as the strong riders realized the gap we had and our group rolled along at a good pace through that first section. After we got back onto pavement, our group really slowed down. Realizing I only had 5 hours of food with me, I decided to attack to get things going again...


April found things a lot more traditional in Rome with criterium and road races-no gravel to be seen. At the crit, Litespeed-BMW teammates Colby Millen and Chris Brown lined up in both the Masters and Pro,1,2 races for some extra race action. They walked away with one win in the bag and a top five finish. At Sunday's road race, new teammate Artur Sagat joined the guys in the Pro,1,2 road race, and the team earned a top ten finish amongst a strong field.

Action from the Masters crit on Saturday...

...The group never really got organized so Brown just kept rolling and eventually lapped the field. Once back in the field Brown tried to help set up Colby for the finish. Colby was very attentive and aggressive and took a solo flyer on the 2nd to last lap only to get caught with about 3/4 lap to go and was a bit cooked for the sprint. Brown wins and Colby pulls 6th, solid results for both guys....

Nice work, guys. For a full report on the weekend and other team items, please check out the Litespeed-BMW Cycling Team website.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Litespeed-BMW Cycling Team Heads to Sunny King Crit

Litespeed-BMW Cycling team heads to Anniston, AL on Saturday, 4/9 for the 2011 Sunny King Criterium. Team riders will be duking it out in the Category 2/3 race and the main event, the NRC Pro/1 night-time race. will be streaming the full day of racing live, along with the race website at The headliner Pro/1 race starts at 7:30 pm CST.

Five TV cameras around the race course will catch full course racing action, including slow motion replays of finishing sprints and any mishaps on the course.

Check out the video from 2010 Sunny King below to whet your racing appetite.

Taste of the race from 2010...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Litespeed-BMW Cycling Team-Roster and 2011 Schedule Update

The Litespeed-BMW Cycling Team is ready for a strong showing in 2011. With racing already underway and addition of 6-time Jamaican national champion Oneil Samuels, look for the team to top a podium near you.

Please enjoy the excerpt from the Team's blog:

We have a bit of exciting news to share with all. We have come in to the 2011 racing year with one of our best rosters to date, and it just got even better! The hugely talented rider, Oneil Samuels from Port Antonio, Jamaica, may be a name you’ve seen on the top of many leaderboard in recent years, as he’s won just about everything that can be won in the area. After several years of racing around the Southeast, Oneil and the LITESPEED-BMW team saw the obvious fit and have now come together.

Oneil is the current (and six time) Jamaican National Champion, a member of the Jamaican National Team, and has participated in world renowned events such as the Track World Cup, the Commonwealth Games, the Pan-American Championships, and the Central American and Caribbean Games. Oneil won a gold medal in the Central American and Caribbean Games in Colombia in 2006, and his national titles come in the disciplines of the road race, time trial, criterium, and track. He also has many wins on US soil to his credit. We look forward to a great season with Oneil on board. Welcome aboard!

Additionally, we have posted the 2011 team schedule. Please note that this is a tentative schedule, and dates may be added or deleted as the season progresses.

Thanks, Guys. Good luck at the races!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

ITU Athlete Sean Jefferson Prepares for Clermont ITU Sprint

Litespeed athlete and ITU specialist Sean Jefferson prepares for his first race of the season, the Clermont ITU Sprint Triathlon in Clermont, FL this weekend. Sean will be racing the 2011 Litespeed C1 Dura Ace. The aero road design of the C1 will undoubtedly provide an advantage to Sean, making him faster and more efficient during the race.

New for 2011, the Clermont ITU Sprint Triathlon is draft-legal and composed of 750 meter swim, 20km bike, and 5km run.

Just named USA Triathlon Rookie of Year for 2010, Sean, a 6-time NCAA All-American runner, obviously has impressive run speed. He will need it this weekend since a stacked field of domestic and international athletes are expected.

Coming off a super season in 2010 which culminated in USAT Rookie of the Year honors, Sean has high expectations for 2011 including events on the world-class level.

Good luck at Clermont, Sean!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

About Bicycles' Owner Kent Lofton Races C1R at GA Cup

About Bicycles' owner and Category 1 racer Kent Lofton (pictured in white) had a strong showing in the Georgia Cup kick-off weekend in Savannah last weekend. Racing the 2011 Litespeed Archon C1R, he placed 4th in the criterium and 7th in the circuit race in the Pro, 1, 2 class. He finished 6th overall in the omnium.

Kent Gets Some Help From Litespeed "teammate" Alex Spook

Pre-race Preparations...Digging the Others' Litespeed...

Nice start to the 2011 race season, Kent!

If you want to ride as fast as Kent, be sure to check out the Litespeed Carbon Road Show when it heads to About Bicycles in Jacksonville, Florida on March 10th.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Litespeed Xicon Praised in Bicycling Magazine

The March 2011 issue of Bicycling Magazine reviews the Xicon. Though current bike buyers seem to be "carbon crazy", the writer of the article acknowledges what a great offering the Xicon is. She notes that even as an introductory ti model, the Xicon "makes a case for the metal, even when compared with its carbon contemporaries." And regarding the overall capabilities of the Xicon, she states that "if you're looking for a stable, reliable ride that's fun not only for short, fast outings but also on longer, limit-testing epics, the Xicon in an investment that will truly pay off." A great carbon alternative with no sacrifices, check out the Litespeed Xicon."

Well said, Bicycling! Check out the full article below.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Check out this Xicon!

Swiss distributor, Swiss Bicycle Trade, built up this Litespeed Xicon with eye-catching, Trigon parts. This ride weighs in at a little over 14 lbs (6.7 kg) with pedals.

Thanks for sending the photos!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cycling Weekly Showcases Litespeed Archon C1R

Cycling Weekly out of the UK (February 3, 2011 edition) introduces the 2011 Litespeed Archon C1R. Weight-saving techniques like the matte paint scheme, reactive pressure molding construction process, and integrated seat mast are all incorporated, but not at the expense of stiffness and ride-quality. Visit your local Litespeed dealer and see for yourself!

Friday, January 7, 2011

2011 Litespeed C1R Named Editors' Pick

Litespeed's flagship road bike model, the 2011 Archon C1R, was named the Editors' Pick for the aero road category in the 2011 Velo News Buyer's Guide. There is a lot to love in this frameset including a stealth, matte paint job, integrated seat mast, new XL size, and loss of 100 grams over the 2010 Archon C1. Never mind that the design is wind-tunnel proven and boasts over 20% aerodynamic advantage over its round tube counterparts.