Monday, April 26, 2010

Road Bike Action Reviews the Litespeed Archon C3

Check out the great photos and review for the Litespeed Archon C3 which appear in the June 2010 issue of Road Bike Action. Expect to read things like “The C3 really shined on descents, and when we pointed it in a direction, it tracked a line without a hitch. It was stable enough when out of the saddle sprints became necessary, and most test riders found it to be comfortable on long rides..."

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Litespeed-BMW Cycling Racers Praise the Archon C1

The Litespeed-BMW Cycling team based in Atlanta is riding and racing the all-new Archon C1 in 2010. Initially, Litespeed sought evaluations from the team for suggestions on improving the design, ride-ability, looks, etc of the Archon C1. So, big and small, sprinter and climber, Cat 1 and Cat 5, we got all the racers' opinions.

A couple of months have passed for some of the guys, and the rave reviews are still coming. In addition to hearing the comments of racers on competitors' bikes about the eye-catching graphics (let's call it Pack Envy), the C1 is performing as well as it looks.

After a weekend of racing in Alabama, racer Christian Leask states, "One thing we can say for sure is that there is nothing on the market right now that rails a criterium corner like the LITESPEED Archon C1, and just the same, nothing the can handle a full-on uphill sprint like that bike can. Simply amazing."

Another racer praises the C1 after a grueling 6 hour ride at the Cheaha Challenge, saying, "This bike breaks all the rules. I don't know if it's better at racing or touring, or just the best at both!"

Thanks, guys. Well-said.

For more information about the Litespeed-BMW Cycling team, please visit their website at

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Litespeed Carbon on the Pacific Coast Highway

The photo is taken along California's stretch of the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH), just outside of Solana Beach. On any sunny Saturday in Southern California, over 1000 bikes per hour will pass a given point along a scenic stretch of road just like this. This stretch of the PCH is just one of the many beautiful miles of road which extends from Alaska to Chile.

Pictured are the 2010 Litespeed Archon C1 and Archon C2, courtesy of California Bicycles in La Jolla. California Bicycles is currently the top seller of Litespeed Carbon in the U.S. and are knowledgeable about the Aerologic features of Litespeeds aero road bikes. So, head over to California Bicycles to check out their Litespeed Carbon bicycles. Expect excellent service and advice about "all things bike" in a beautiful store.

Thanks to Kevin and Jason for supplying the bikes - only the best when in So. Cal! For more information about California Bicycles, please see their website at

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Litespeed-BMW Cycling Team

Litespeed continues as a primary sponsor for the new Litespeed-BMW Cycling team, an elite amateur road team based out of Atlanta, GA for 2010. Formerly Pacesetter Steel Presented by Litespeed in 2009, Litespeed has sponsored the team since 2004.

The elite team is comprised of 17 Category 1 and 2 racers residing across the Southeastern U.S in Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, and South Carolina. A 9 member developmental squad, primarily Category 3 racers, ensures that the winning ways of Litespeed-BMW Cycling will continue into the future.

The team will be riding the all-new Litespeed Archon C1, one of three models in a new series of aero carbon fiber road bicycles. The Archon C1 is the premier model for the line, available only as a frameset, and features unidirectional carbon fiber and internal cable routing.

Interestingly, for Litespeed-BMW racers, bicycle racing is not their primary career. All have full time jobs in a variety of fields-a couple racers work at Litespeed.

Catch Litespeed-BMW Cycling team racing each weekend in the Southeast, as well as choice national racing calendar, or NRC, events, like Athens Twilight and the exclusive, invitation-only Tour of Jamaica.

Litespeed-BMW Cycling Elite Team
Hank Beaver
Chris Brown
Ben Carter
Chris Chotas
Benjy Coil
Darren Comer
Tyler Grahovec
Rusty Griebel
Travis Hagner
Chad Madan
Matt McCarthy
Colby Millen
Doug Ollerenshaw
Clay Parks
Wes Parrish
Malachi Reid Peacock
Charles “Chaz” Rossignol

Litespeed-BMW Cycling Developmental Team
Tres Courdin
Bill Feier
Nick Gastley
Toby Grahovec
Cy Hedrick
Kip Humphries
Calvin O’Keeffe
Christian Leask
Joel Price

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Forum Competition Winner Reviews Litespeed Archon C1

Around the time of the launch of the Litespeed Archon C1 framset back in August 2009, we decided to run a competition on the (in)famous Weightweenies forum for a regular to receive a loan of a Litespeed C1 frame for 3 months, on the basis that they built the bike up to a very high level using their own components and provided a complete review to be seen by all on the forum. This generated a huge amount of interest/hits at the time. The original post received well over 5,000 views.

As luck would have it, the winner was a regular poster on Weightweenies, Slowtwitch, and an owner of multiple Litespeed frames, including a Ti Archon, as is a well respected member of the forum community. We here at Litespeed wish could take credit for selecting the winner, but the prize draw was made fairly based on all the entries we received.

Click here for the review from the winner.

Click here for additional coverage we received on Slowtwitch from the competition winner.

Click here for some additional coverage on Weightweenies.


The Litespeed Team

CycloSport Reviews Litespeed C3

"Whatever you make of it, the workmanship and care brought to this new generation of frames is a complete success. The range looks promising and, on the road, the ARCHON C3 offers serious advantages."

Click here to download the original article in French (1 MB)
Click here to download the English translation (1 MB)

Road Bike Action Magazine 2010 Buyer's Guide Features Litespeed C2 & C3

The Litespeed C2 made it into the recommended 3000 - 5000 dollar category in the Road Bike Action Magazine 2010 Buyer's Guide, while the C3 was a top pick for the 2000 - 3000 dollar range.

Click here to download the PDF (3 MB)

Bicycling Magazine 2010 Buyer's Guide Features Litespeed C3

"Two Years: Thats how long Litespeed took to hone the ride and performance of the C series, a three-bike line based on aerodynamic innovation and the recent aero-road trend."

Click here to download the PDF (4 MB)

BikeRadar Reviews Litespeed Archon

"If you're after an addictively aggressive, precise and agile bike thats still underlined with the unmistakable silk sheen of titanium, the Archon is utterly sublime."

Read the full review here.

Litespeed Launches Carbon C-Series

EuroBike 2010 saw the introduction of Litespeed's highly anticipated line of carbon bikes. Litespeed is headed to InterBike 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Reaction to the Archon C-Series -- from both cyclists and dealers -- has been swift and really encouraging!

Click here to visit the site.

RoadBIKE Reviews Litespeed Archon

The Litespeed Archon is featured in the latest issue of RoadBIKE magazine.

Click here to download the PDF (8 MB)