Friday, May 14, 2010

Check it out! Jason M's Litespeed Archon

Check out Jason M’s new ride, the Litespeed Archon! The Archon-the original, ultra-elite, high-performance, handmade titanium frame-does double duty as both a race and training bike. Jason clearly recognizes the importance of looking good doing both!

Jason praises the Archon for its stiffness while still maintaining its supple, characteristic titanium ride. The great looks of the bike are apparent at first glance.

Jason’s Archon is outfitted with Campagnolo Super Record 11, Thompson stem and seatpost, Adamo seat, and a Zipp 404 Clydesdale wheel set.

This is Jason’s first Litespeed, though he says it will not be his last!

Thanks to Mark Miller at Precision Bikes for superb service and advice for Jason.

Check out Jason’s blog entry about his new bike:

Jason's Litespeed Archon-Decked out

Custom graphics in memory of Jason's dad

Mark Miller-Master and Masterpiece

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