Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Litespeed Carbon Road Show Coming to a City Near You!

What is the Litespeed Carbon Road Show?
Litespeed Carbon Road Show is a test ride program where consumers can test ride the new Litespeed aero carbon road bikes at no cost. The Litespeed truck will arrive to town with a fleet of Litespeed carbon bikes-Archon C3-that are ready to ride. In partnership with the Litespeed Dealer-Sponsor for the area, riders will be set up on the Litespeed of their dreams. Litespeed representative Cory Blanton will be on hand.

How do I participate in the Litespeed Carbon Road Show?

Contact the Litespeed Dealer-Sponsor for your area of interest. It is important to contact the Dealer-Sponsor so they can prepare for your test ride. However, please know that bikes are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

What should I bring for the Litespeed Road Show?
-Photo ID
-Helmet, shoes, and pedals-we will have a limited number of these items at the demo, so please bring your own.

Where will the Litespeed Carbon Road Show be this summer?
St. Louis June 15-17 (Dealer-Sponsor is Bike Surgeon)

June 23-24 (Dealer-Sponsor is West Bicycles)

Atlanta June 25-26 (Dealer-Sponsor is All3Sports)

Washington DC July 1-3 (Dealer-Sponsor is Bonzai Sports)

Boston July 9-10 (Dealer-Sponsor is Quad Cycles)

New York City July 15-17 (Dealer-Sponsor is R&A Cycles)

Rochester July 19-20 (Dealer-Sponsor is Park Avenue)

Lancaster, NY July 22 (Dealer-Sponsor is Tom's Pro Bike)

Madison, WI
July 24-25 (Dealer-Sponsor is Machinery Row)

July 26-28 (Dealer-Sponsor is NOW Bikes)

Indianapolis July 30-31 (Dealer-Sponsor is T3 Multisport)

Tell me more about Litespeed Carbon road bikes:
Composed of one frameset and two complete bikes, the Litespeed Carbon Archon C-series has an aero design that took two years to develop. Test riding of competitors' bikes by our cyclists of all skills levels in a variety of terrains gave great information about what ride characteristics we wanted to develop in the C-series. Several cycling magazines including Bicycling, ROAD, Road Bike Action, Outside and others have reviewed the bikes and praise their fast, aero feel on the road.

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