Friday, July 16, 2010

Litespeed Carbon Road Show: Your Questions are Answered

Does the bike come w/ a triple option? I have bad knees so depend upon the granny gear on tough climbs.
A.C. from the Bonzai Sports stop in Washington DC

Great question. The Litespeed Archon C3, as well as the other members of the C-series line up, will take triple chain ring gearing, though it will need to be bought separately. Bonzai Sports will undoubtedly be able to assist you.

B.F. test rode a bike at Bonzai and said, "...though i didn't get to ride it for long, some aero benefits are def. noticeable."

The aero benefits are definitely noticeable in the Archon C-series: the shrouded water bottle mount, rear wheel cut out, subtle trailing edges like airplane wings, and more. It all works together to improve frame aerodynamics and make riders go fast!

Thanks to all the test riders who have come out to say hello and ride the C3. Only a couple more weeks to check out the Litespeed Carbon Road Show! For remaining events, please see:

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