Friday, December 17, 2010

Another Reason to Attend Litespeed Carbon Road Show in 2011-Meet Linc

Meet Linc.

He just happened to be in Tucson the same weekend in November that the Litespeed Carbon Road Show visited He just happened to return to his home in Buffalo with a new Litespeed Archon C1 frameset. How did this happen?

Linc was the lucky raffle winner sponsored in which all people who test rode a Litespeed Archon C3 at the Litespeed Carbon Road Show were entered.

The cool thing about Linc is why he was even in Tucson at that time. After being introduced to road cycling in the late 1980's, shortly thereafter, Linc set a goal to complete 50 centuries (100 mile rides) in 50 states. Linc was in Tucson to complete 100 miles around Tucson to "check off" the state of Arizona.

Linc's goal of 50 centuries in 50 states will likely be attained in 2011. He has trips planned to Nevada, Wyoming, and South and North Dakota. His last trek will be to Hawaii in September to complete the Hawaii Century. Wow!

Best of luck to Linc as he completes such an ambitious goal.

Thanks to Tom Lonzi of Tom's Pro Bikes for the beautiful build.

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