Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Litespeed-BMW on the Podium-Roswell Recap, 2/3 Race

Enjoy the race report from the Historic Roswell Criterium category 2/3 race. Loaded with racers and super-competitive, congratulations to Litespeed-BMW racer Benjy Coil for earning third place.

125 riders stood on the start line of a fasts, tight cornered course, and this being one of the largest races in the southeast, as well as one of the USA Crits Superweek races, it all seemed to add up to some palpable pre-race jitters.

Since the race is on the national calendar, there were many guys up from Florida, who are always notoriously strong in the Spring, yet not as accustomed to the rolling hills as we are, as well as everyone and anyone from all over the Southeast. Point being, the field was packed and ready.

From our team, Nick, Calvin and Benjy started the race. Most of the other guys opted to enter the Pro/1 race later in the evening. The 2/3 event, as always, was fast right from the start. Throughout the race there were small groups of 2 or 3 that kept shooting up the road only to be quickly caught. The most active were clearly the 3 Hincapie Development riders who constantly attacked and were always in the each of the good moves. Benjy was able to ride steady near the front of the pack, but really was not feeling very strong, kind of an off day. Also, there were numerous crashes and sketchy moments. With around 8 laps to go, three riders were looking smooth together and getting further up the road. No one in the front really wanted to give a big effort to chase. Benjy felt as if he only had one all out effort in the tank, thus he chose to wait for the field sprint. Maybe the group of 3 would be caught by then?

As the gap slowly came to a close, on the final lap, we caught a rider who had just been dropped from the break. Benjy came into the final turn, a bit too forward in second position, and could see the two riders ahead. Inexplicably, the guy ahead of in first position started to soft pedal and swivel his head around (that’s called “blowing up”)! At this point, Benjy’s hand had been dealt. He had to go around then and was able to hold a long sprint to take the field sprint for 3rd place. One on the Hincapie kids won finishing 5 seconds ahead of the field.

On the podium and takes the field sprint. Great work Benjy and great support from the guys!

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