Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Litespeed Fan Letter :)

Instead of another blog about our bikes, our frames, or technology we wanted to take an opportunity to celebrate the biggest asset to Litespeed...YOU. We love our customers. We love biking. It really warms our hearts when we get letters like the one below. Thank you to everyone who supports Litespeed and shares our passion for our bikes. I want to thank Litespeed for building the best bike in the industry. I raced for years and have ridden countless miles averaging somewhere around 7500 miles a year. I've replaced my Dura Ace kits several times, but the frame is still in great condition. In my 10 years of racing and many more years of riding, my frame has never let me down.

Three years ago I was stricken with a condition called malignant hypertension. It’s like having high blood pressure on steroids. It led to kidney issues and just a few months ago a heart attack. After having the blockage repaired and some rest and recovery I am now 3 weeks into my cardiac rehab on my trusty Litespeed Ultimate. Your bike kept me on the road for all those years and my cardiologist believes my previous fitness level is the reason I’m still alive.

My machine is not the weekend warrior machine of the past. It is now the cardiac rehabilitation machine. Thank you for putting out a product that can take the abuse of miles of hard road riding and now give me the ability to recover for my family. God bless and thank you.


Sylacauga, Alabama

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