Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Litespeed Fan Risks LIfe and Limb for His Bike

Here is the story of a Litespeed fan with his 2 biggest loves...

So on June 14 2002, my wife and I go to the hospital to have labor induced at 9 am. About noon, Aaron, the shop manager from my local bike shop, calls me to let me know my beloved Litespeed frame is in, and they would have it ready for me later that day. 

My wife knew that I had really wanted to build it, and since labor was progressing slow; as well as it was a short drive across town to get it, she in her awesomeness, let me go with a friend to pick it up. We get the bike and all the parts, then we get a call about 3 pm from my wife's friend wondering where the hell we were. We hustle back to the hospital, by 3:30ish, and my son is born at  4:30 pm. Later that evening I'm so excited my son is born, I'm driving my poor wife nuts with my enthusiasm, while all she wants to do is sleep. So she politely kicks me out of the hospital room, and tells me to go home and build the bike.

10 years later, she still holds this over me "I was in labor with your, kid, and I let you go and get your bike..." How awesome is she!


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