Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Famed Canadian Olympian to Ride Both QR and Litespeed Bikes

CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE - American Bicycle Group (ABG) has agreed to a sponsorship deal with four-time Olympic triathlete Simon Whitfield for the next three years.

Whitfield is one of the most decorated Canadian triathletes in history, with a gold and silver medal in the Olympics, medals at the Pan American Games, Commonwealth Games and too many ITU races to list.  He is transitioning this year to longer distance racing and will ride the Quintana Roo (QR) Illicito triathlon bike in non-drafting triathlons and a Litespeed C-Series road bike for any draft-legal racing.

“Simon has proven himself over the years and his results speak for themselves,” said Mac McEneaney, Director of Sales for QR and Litespeed.  “But, he also has a creative side to him that excites his fan base in social media.  Look at the public support in Canada for Simon to carry the country’s flag during the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics.”

Whitfield didn’t take the decision to switch brands lightly. “I spent time researching the QR and Litespeed product lines after hearing some really positive feedback from some trusted pro friends who are familiar with the brand,” said Whitfield.  “Now that I’ve had some time on the bikes, I’m looking ahead to a career-changing season.”

In 2013, Whitfield will make the jump to Rev3 events and 70.3 races, with the goal of winning the 70.3 World Championships and the HyVee 5150 US Championship.

“Simon likes to win, and is thoroughly dedicated to making that happen,” noted Peter Hurley, CEO of American Bicycle Group.  “His feedback is going to be important as we move forward with new product developments.”

For the latest on Simon Whitfield, follow him on Twitter @simonwhitfield. For more information on QR, please visit For more information on Litespeed, please visit

American Bicycle Group is the parent company to Litespeed and Quintana Roo located in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Litespeed, founded in 1986, produces and manufactures high-quality road bicycles and bicycle frames. The company initially made its mark with titanium, but has been successful with carbon fiber as well. Quintana Roo, founded in 1987, produces high-quality triathlon equipment. The company was the first to create triathlon-specific bicycle and wetsuit designs.


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