Thursday, June 20, 2013

Timex Athlete Erin Kummer Climbs to the Top.

I’m back racing!!!

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Erin Kummer on her Litespeed

That’s right…first official bicycle race since July 2012 was the CU Short Track this past Wednesday night. Even though it’s only 25min long, I lined up, had a number plate on the bike, and got placed! I had already done a workout in the morning so I wasn’t super fresh but put out a good effort and most importantly didn’t feel like I was going to die!

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3rd place at CU Short Track

The second race of the season was the Winter Park Hill Climb on Saturday morning. I placed 3rd in the Pro class and 5th overall but it definitely wasn’t pretty. I dropped my chain at the start which was a big hassle and overall I just didn’t feel great. My time was much slower than last year and my HR average was about 15 beats lower. Not really sure what that means but I’m just going to stick with my plan of racing for fun throughout this series. I’m going to do everything in my nature to not worry on how I place until CX season starts in September but rather focus on staying healthy and getting to the start line in September.

Love hearing/reading about everyone’s racing and all the great stuff you’re doing! Keep it up :)

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