Friday, March 14, 2014

2014 Litespeed C3

Our 2014 Litespeed C3 blends race performance, amazing ride quality, and reliability all at a great price. We made the C3 with 30T carbon fiber, using our Reactive Pressure Molding (RPM) frame technology, and it shares many of the Aerologic features found on the C-Series flagship model, the C1R. We refined and tested the aero seat post, shrouded water bottle mount, and aero tuned cross sections in the wind tunnel in order to give you the aero advantage on roads outside the wind tunnel.

The shrouded water bottle mount on the down tube makes that necessary cargo almost invisible to the wind and the aero tuned downtube morphs every millimeter for maximum aerodynamics. Aero seat stays decrease aerodynamic resistance while adding stability and comfort and a tapered fork with our unique bowed design helps absorb turbulent shock and allows air to zip through for a smooth ride. Our engineers used variable-size tubes for all of the aerodynamic elements in order to maximize performance across the bike's size range.

Our Reactive Pressure Molding (RPM) precisely controls the internal structure and wall thickness of the carbon frame during the manufacturing process; this allows us to use design elements far beyond what can be achieved with conventional bladder molding. The result is a lighter, stiffer, faster bike with incorporated aerodynamic elements without the added weight of filler materials.

The minuscule drag penalty of the external cable routing is far outweighed by the weight saving and
ease of maintenance that the design represents. Not to worry, though. The other C-Series models do come with internal cable routing.

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