Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Astellas Cycling: Redlands Classic 2014

Redlands Bicycle Classic 2014

From April 2 to April 6, Astellas Cycling competed at the Redlands Bicycle Classic, the longest running stage race in American history. Held in Redlands, California, the race consisted of five stages: a 59-mile Circuit Race, an uphill 7.8-mile TT, a 120-mile Road Race, a 90-minute Timed Criterium, and a 94-mile road race.

Stage 1- Circuit Race

for Stage 1 of Redlands Bicycle Classic

Brecht Dhaene placed 8th in the field on Stage 1, Cortlan Brown 15 seconds back, Jake Rytlewski, Matt Green, Max Korus, and Ryan Aitcheson, 20 seconds back, and Andrew Baker 51 seconds back. As a team, Astellas finished 9th overall.

Stage 2- TT

Andy Baker was first off for the team

Next for Astellas was Ryan Aitcheson

Followed by Max Korus

Matt Green ready to go

Last rider for Astellas was Brecht Dhaene

Andrew Baker was the top man for Astellas on Stage 2, finishing in the top 25,
Astellas Cycling as a team 10th overall.

Stage 3- Road Race

Brecht Dhaene took 6th in a field sprint, while Matt Green, Jake Rytlewski, Andrew Baker, Cortlan Brown all finished 20 seconds behind the leader. As a team, Astellas was in 12th overall.

Stage 4- Timed Criterium

At the start of the 90-minute timed criterium.

Max Korus was part of a breakaway that led the field for a large part of the race.

The wonderful hosts for Astellas Cycling Team.

Ultimately, Max Korus finished 5th overall in the crit, with Brecht Dhaene, Jake Rytlewski, Cortlan Brown, Andrew Baker, and Matt Green right behind.The team finished 4th overall for Stage 4.

Stage 5- Road Race, Final Results

Jake Rytlewski was the top Astellas rider on Stage 5, finishing 17th overall.

At the end of five days, Astellas Cycling Team placed 7th overall. Can't wait to see what's to come! Next race on the Astellas calendar is the Charlotte-Belmont Omnium.

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