Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Litespeed-BMW Cycling Racers Praise the Archon C1

The Litespeed-BMW Cycling team based in Atlanta is riding and racing the all-new Archon C1 in 2010. Initially, Litespeed sought evaluations from the team for suggestions on improving the design, ride-ability, looks, etc of the Archon C1. So, big and small, sprinter and climber, Cat 1 and Cat 5, we got all the racers' opinions.

A couple of months have passed for some of the guys, and the rave reviews are still coming. In addition to hearing the comments of racers on competitors' bikes about the eye-catching graphics (let's call it Pack Envy), the C1 is performing as well as it looks.

After a weekend of racing in Alabama, racer Christian Leask states, "One thing we can say for sure is that there is nothing on the market right now that rails a criterium corner like the LITESPEED Archon C1, and just the same, nothing the can handle a full-on uphill sprint like that bike can. Simply amazing."

Another racer praises the C1 after a grueling 6 hour ride at the Cheaha Challenge, saying, "This bike breaks all the rules. I don't know if it's better at racing or touring, or just the best at both!"

Thanks, guys. Well-said.

For more information about the Litespeed-BMW Cycling team, please visit their website at http://www.litespeed-bmwcycling.com/

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