Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Forum Competition Winner Reviews Litespeed Archon C1

Around the time of the launch of the Litespeed Archon C1 framset back in August 2009, we decided to run a competition on the (in)famous Weightweenies forum for a regular to receive a loan of a Litespeed C1 frame for 3 months, on the basis that they built the bike up to a very high level using their own components and provided a complete review to be seen by all on the forum. This generated a huge amount of interest/hits at the time. The original post received well over 5,000 views.

As luck would have it, the winner was a regular poster on Weightweenies, Slowtwitch, and an owner of multiple Litespeed frames, including a Ti Archon, as is a well respected member of the forum community. We here at Litespeed wish could take credit for selecting the winner, but the prize draw was made fairly based on all the entries we received.

Click here for the review from the winner.

Click here for additional coverage we received on Slowtwitch from the competition winner.

Click here for some additional coverage on Weightweenies.


The Litespeed Team

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