Tuesday, June 5, 2012

LITESPEED-BMW comes close in Murfreesboro

Over Memorial Day weekend LITESPEED-BMW rider Chris Brown decided to go race the TBRA series MOAB criterium outside of Nashville, TN.  We know, big surprise, Chris Brown racing again.  We guess he just can’t get enough!  In his first crit of the day, the Masters crit, he was active as usual and got away in a four rider break that eventually lapped the field.  Riders from Marx & Bendorf, Peachtree Bikes and Swiftwick Racing made the move with Chris.  We were later told that Chris didn’t quite feel like his usual self and thus didn’t attack the break, instead patiently waiting for the sprint (Chris, what is up with that?).  Anyway, he had a good position heading into the last turn when, unexpectedly, Andrew Reardon of Swiftwick decided to go way early and caught everyone off guard.  This lead to Chris not being quite in the position he wanted heading into the sprint, but he was still able to snag 2nd as Bryant Funston of Marx and Bendsdorf won as both riders were able to pass Andrew heading by the finish line.

Chris Brown leading the break!

The second crit of the day was the PRO/1/2 race and in this one, from what we heard, Chris was back to his usual self.  There were the usual early attacks and even a crash that took down several riders but after the dust settled Chris instigated a six rider break with riders from FSG Cycling, Nashville Cyclist, Swiftwick, Marx & Bensdorf, and Austinbikes represented.  The pace was not super high and Chris wanted to whittle down the number of riders in the break so he attacked several times, but with a tough headwind and the course not being very technical he was just not able to break clear.  Eventually the field was lapped and the FSG Cycling team set temp on the front to keep any further attacks from taking place.  Going into the last five laps everyone was looking at each other and the pace really eased up, in fact Tim Hall of Nashville Cyclist snuck away with two laps to go and no one felt like chasing him!  Chris hoped that even with letting Tim go a bit that they would swoop him up in the sprint finish for the line.  It was not to be as Tim held on for the win with Andrew Reardon of Swiftwick nipping Chris at the line for 2nd and Chris ending up 3rd.  Overall it was a pretty good day, but bike racing is frustrating sometimes as you have the win in sight and come up a bit short due to a tactical error, but boy racing is fun!

*Thanks Litespeed BMW for posting!

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