Friday, June 8, 2012

Litespeed Titanium Fan Is Now LOVING His Carbon Litespeed

We will always cultivate and support the passion Litespeed customers have for titanium, but after reading the letter below, we are confident we are satisfying our customer base and exceeding their expectations with our carbon design and build. We LOVE our Litespeed supporters and hope everyone has a safe and fun biking season.
Dear Litespeed,
Damn! That C1 just keeps getting faster and faster! I think I've already talked to you guys about my first 3 rides on the C1. I raved about the incredible performance, but I can't stop raving about it even after my fourth ride.
I'm still on a relatively flat course, but all things considered-wow. At age 62, I thought I had started losing it last year as my solo average speeds were off a bit.  My solo training average speed has been incredibly bad for a number of reasons this spring. One being I lost my Litespeed Siena due to that cracked frame.  Now with everything fixed and the C1 shows up to try out!
Two years ago, if I did anything over 20 mph I considered it an excellent effort that I was thrilled with. I probably did 5 or 6 solo TT rides at 20.3 +o/- .2 mph. I caught one ride that hit 21 mph. I had dreamed of a 21 mph ride, but I didn't think I had much of a chance at it. That was probably a perfect storm ride, everything went right (catching the lights, wind, and having good legs). I never did more than 5 or 6 attempts in a season at training TTs, as they hurt too much mentally and physically.
Well, I'm up to four rides on the C1 now. All have been hard TT efforts, which surprises me that mentally and physically I can handle that much in such a short time span. I never could in the past. I've only had the bike 2 weeks or so and would have expected no more than maybe 1 TT in that time. I can't believe my body is taking this abuse so well. The bike must be the bike making a difference.
My average ride average speeds for my 30 mile course so far on the C1: 19.3/21/20.5/21.3.  The 21 mph had me off the charts with excitement as I never expected to see a 21 mph average again in this life time. Then yesterday... An amazing new personal best at age 62! Now two rides at 21 mph this year in the span of just a few days. What the heck are you doing to these bikes?  I really can't believe the performance on this bike. Can the aero design really make that big of a difference between the Siena and a C1? If I understand correctly it's only 20 watts at 30 mph as measured in the wind tunnel. Yet, look at that performance. The 21.3 mph was 21.5 mph with 2 miles to go then I hit some bad luck at a couple of intersections which cost my the .2 mph.
Now you have me dreaming of another perfect storm of 22 mph average.  I hear Lance has retired, maybe there is an opening on the team for me this year.  ;-)
Great job guys. Past it on to your designers. John

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