Friday, January 31, 2014

2014 Litespeed Citico

First, if you're going titanium, you need to go Litespeed for the simple fact that our metalworkers are the best in the industry. Second, if you want a meticulously designed and fabricated top-of-the-line, performance hardtail, look no further than our 2014 Citico.

Lightweight and strong, 6AL-4V tubing- featured on the Citico- is the ultimate workhorse of the titanium industry. Whereas 3AL-2.5V is 60 ksi (tensile strength), 6AL-4V is 130 ksi. That's one reason why we're so selective about where and how we incorporate 6/4 into a bicycle frame. In fact, the Citico's top tube actually started out as a single sheet of titanium. Our proprietary radial break sheet forming process enables the 6/4 sheet to become dimensional so the top tube becomes taller as it gets closer to the head tube. At the same time, at a precisley calculated sweet spot on the tube, it also gets wider from side to side, increasing stiffness and helping to provide incredible steering feedback, accuracy, and power transfer. The result? Lower weight and increased stiffness, the best of both worlds.

Additionally, our 2014 Citico features a 44mm head tube to provide a wider platform for incorporating
the larger shape-specific tubing.

The Citico is made with our T1 titanium technology. All T1 frames are butted and shaped, undergoing a radical degree of manipulation to emphasize stiffness, compliance, handling, and strength. T1 frames are the most technically advanced titanium frames in the world. By applying knowledge acquired through partnerships with NASA and other external research associations, our designers and fabricators have created tube specifications and characteristics that you won't find in any other brand.

Inspired by Tennessee’s Citico Creek Wilderness, in which elevations can reach 4,600 feet, and only a few of the rugged upper terrain’s slopes incline less than 30 degrees, you can bet the titanium Citico hardtail is a true featherweight climber.

Whether the competition is the trail itself or a pack of buddies still negotiating the singletrack below, the Citico arrives equipped with pure advantage: The hexagonal-shaped top tube, 44mm head tube, and massive down tube combine for seriously efficient power transfer on steep-grades. It also offers precise steering control and tracking on wicked, twisted switchbacks or wild descents. In addition, titanium always makes for a softer ride on the rear end, no matter the terrain.

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