Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Litespeed CX 2014

How do you become a cyclocross fanatic? Likely by accident. How do you put an entirely new cyclocross bike underneath an industry filled with wannabes but still starving for the real thing? Deliberately. Just add Litespeed ingenuity and know-how to titanium durability. The sport of cyclocross has come a long way from the days of bikes cobbled together from the abandoned parts bin and the old touring frames. The competition and courses are more demanding, the available components more thoughtful and selection more robust. Expectations are, indeed, higher and we won't disappoint with our 2014 CX offering, the ultimate upgrade for any serious CX athlete. 

To begin, we built the CX with a cross-specific titanium tube-set for the absolute best in combined value, dependability, and pro-grade performance rather than re-purposing tubes developed for mountain bikes as might be found in bikes from other manufacturers.  
 The 44mm head tube and the larger diameter PressFit 30 bottom bracket provide a foundation of increased strength and performance on the course with the flexibility to run your rig as a single speed using an eccentric bottom bracket. And, no doubt about it, the CX is designed with a geometry to race: this is no sport utility bike or touring bike with additional wheelbase tacked on.  

Still handcrafted in the USA by the best titanium craftsmen in the world, the CX was designed and engineered with direct feedback by elite athletes and survived a punishing maiden test drive on the Tour de Afrique, covering over 7,500 miles from Egypt to South Africa. Design features include 135mm spacing to accommodate the array of cross-specific wheels offered by Reynolds, Zipp, and Sram, and post-mount compatibility alongside built-in legendary Litespeed quality and durability.

We built the CX with the future of cyclocross in mind, so if you're ready to finally make the leap from a cantilever bike to a full disc set-up, this could be your big chance. Our engineering team took direct athlete feedback and trending industry component choices into consideration when designing and committing to the post-mount disc set-up. The result? The perfect bike to build to your exact specifications to achieve a ride like you'll never find in any off-the-shelf offering. And, durable? We wouldn't have it any other way. Our CX stands ready to resist kicks, bangs, and cleat punches like no other bike on the market and won't wilt or scar at a power wash blast every two laps. 

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