Thursday, February 6, 2014

2014 Litespeed C1R

Cutting-edge.  Smart design. AeroLogic. The aerodynamic design of our C-series flagship, the C1R, was fine-tuned and tested in Charlotte's A2 wind tunnel. We carefully constructed it with aerodynamics in mind at every turn- aero seat post, shrouded water bottle mount, and aero tuned tube cross-sections-so that the C1R reduces average aero wattage by almost 30 watts, a 16% advantage across all yaw angles compared to a traditional road bike.  It is not unlike adding an expensive pair of race wheels to a non-aero bike... minus the expense.

To round out this ground-breaking frame design, we incorporated features such as full internal cable routing for all cables/wires, 60T carbon, Di2 compatibility and BB30 for one loaded bike. The C1R is available as a frameset or completely decked out bike with Shimano Di2 components as shown.

Refined carbon construction for 13% increase in stiffness of front end, thanks to our Reactive Pressure Molding (RPM) carbon fiber construction method.

Unique Aero shrouded water bottle mounting, which makes such necessary cargo almost invisible to the wind.

Morphed seat stay design to increase aero performance, stiffness and ride comfort, while saving weight at the same time.

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