Monday, February 10, 2014

Get To Know Astellas Cycling Team... Ryan Aitcheson

New for 2014, we are proud to sponsor Astellas Cycling in the team's first year as domestic professionals. Get to know the team: 

Name: Ryan Aitcheson

Age: 23

Hometown: Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

When/Why did you start cycling? 
Tried out many summer sports and didn’t enjoy them as much as mountain biking. Joined a local club at the age of 13 and rode with them.

What do you like about cycling? 
Started out mountain biking and loved being outdoors in the woods on trails that would always change. The speed also helps.

What do you not like? 
The long hours training, but it's worth it when you win.

What do you do outside of cycling? Jobs, hobbies, family? 
Work at a bike shop and train year around, so not much outside that. I pick up the guitar when I'm home and like to go out with my girlfriend.

When did you start riding with Astellas? 
2013 season. It was their second season around.

How do you feel about becoming a Professional domestic team this year? 
The many years of training have paid off. Being able to call myself a pro after years working up the ladder is a huge step that not many get to take.

What type of racing is your “specialty?” 
Crits and one day races.

What races are you excited for this year? 
Canadian Nationals is my most important race and also Joe Martin, since I have done well in the past.

What bike will you be riding this year? 
One of the C-Series frames. Excited to get it as it looks fast and very unique to the company.

You can follow Ryan on Twitter @RyanAit, and be sure to follow @astellascycling this year.

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