Monday, February 24, 2014

Get To Know Astellas Cycling Team... Clay Murfet

New for 2014, we are proud to sponsor Astellas Cycling in the team's first year as domestic professionals. Get to know the team: 

Name:  Clay Murfet

Age: 25

Hometown:  Launceston, Tasmania

When and why did you start cycling?  

2001, my brother was racing on the velodrome and I loved the look of it so I jumped on and had a try.

What do you like about cycling? 

I love the adrenaline of racing and training aspect of it. Training so hard and pushing your body to its limits and reaping the rewards.  Cycling rewards those who work the hardest.

What do you not like? 


What do you do outside of cycling? Jobs, hobbies, family?   

I spend a lot of my time with my friends at the beach. Fishing, camping and hunting. Also as much time with my 5 year old nephew. I am his favorite Uncle! (and his only)

When did you start riding with Astellas? 


How do you feel about becoming a Professional domestic team this year?  

It is going to be a great year for the team. This will be my 5th year as a pro and every year it gets more exciting.

What type of racing is your “specialty?”  

I would consider myself an All Arounder.  The harder the race the better.  Races of attrition.

What races are you excited for this year?  

Redlands, Joe Martin, Gila, Philly, Beauce and our European stint.

What bike will you be riding this year? 

Litespeed L1R

Anything else? Tips, tricks, advice?  

Advice to youngsters would be to just enjoy it and have fun until you get to about 18-19 and then decide if you love it enough to make a career out of it.  I see it too many times, really talented juniors get too serious too early and get burnt out and give up before they reach their 20s.

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